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Who we are

Established in the market since 2014, Armazém das Portas was born to respond to the lack of delivery of finished products in the renovation market and has stood out since then for providing quick delivery responses and offering a quality product that has guaranteed good performance. both for us and for the partners who work with us.

Despite the fact that we are in a phase of overwhelming expansion and renovation, Armazém das Portas has always grown gradually and consistently, remaining continuously in a phase of prosperity.

We are governed by a business philosophy that focuses on meeting our customer's needs, delivering a medium to high quality product at a fair price, in order to combat the minimization of comfort due to a market whose prices become unsustainable.

We are, ultimately, a team of people whose values ​​are irreducible with regard to personal and business ethics. We focus on the recognition and individual development of all those who work, directly or indirectly, with us, which is in line with our greatest commitment, which will always be environmental sustainability.

Our great mission will always be the satisfaction of our customers.